the language in which my children call me mother

Motherhood and my children have been the most inspiring thing that has happened to me, and it motivated me to write; about them, about us, about our days together… Our Everydays.

After the birth of my second child, I felt like I had things to say, experiences I wanted to share, and through story telling, pictures, and DIYs, I began to document and explore my journey in motherhood and womanhood. I write about our daily musings, my births and postpartum experiences, and anything that inspires me and I think would be helpful to share.

As a mother raising bi cultural and bilingual children, I’m also passionate about culture in motherhood and the beauty in it’s diversity.

Thank you for following along with your journey,

I am also the maker of From the Core Paper products, unique and lovingly made products made from beginning to end using post-consumer recycled paper that I make in my home based studio in Edmonton, AB, Canada.


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