Mamá, the language is which my children call me mother.

I am a wife, and a mother to my sweet Penelope and Oliver.

Motherhood and my children have been the most inspiring thing that has happened to me, and it motivated me to write; about them, about us, about our days together – Our Everydays.

After the birth of my second child, I felt like I had things to say, experiences I wanted to share, and if it helped even one person, it was worth telling. On this platform, through story telling, pictures, and DIYs, I began to document and explore my journey of motherhood and womanhood. As a mother raising bicultural children, I am also passionate about culture in motherhood and the beauty in it’s diversity. Motherhood is progressive, and I’m curious to read these posts in months or years to come, to see how much I’ve changed and grown.

As a mom of two young children, I also share any tips and tricks that I have found, and continue to find, helpful along the way.

Thank you for following along,



“What fascinates me about being a woman – pregnancy, birth, creation, strength to be a mother, to raise a child”.

I am a wife, I am a homemaker, I am a mother, and my family are my world and happiness.

I am a vessel that has grown two babies, and with its imperfections and stretch marks unique to each pregnancy, is so beautiful.

I am something else too.

I am Gabriela, a simple, but not ordinary, woman.