Culture in Motherhood

Motherhood through Culture


They say you can leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you.

I grew up in Africa. 9 years of my childhood was spent in that beautiful land which has very much defined and influenced the person I am today. I remember watching women carry babies on their backs with beautifully patterned chitenges, while balancing buckets of water or wood on their heads. They looked as graceful and calm as a mother can be, and those are the images that I remember now as a mother myself. Though I wasn’t born there, a big part of me identifies as African.

I am also Peruvian. My daughter calls me Mamá and I sing “Los Pollitos Dicen” and “Pinpón es un Muñeco” to my children before they go to bed.

I am a Peruvian woman, who grew up in Africa, raising Canadian children, while speaking to them in Spanish and carrying them in a chitenge.

As their mother, I have a responsibility and privilege to introduce them to the culture before them; through the foods I offer the, the songs we sing, the books we read, and the language I speak to them in –  the language of their maternal grandmothers, and their grandmothers, and many generations before them. In all that, I give them a sense of identity, and a feeling that they belong to the world… to many parts of it.

As I carry my children in either in a Malawian chitenge or a Peruvian manta, I can only hope that through the culture of my motherhood, I am teaching them that they are part of many things. Part of many histories and practices before them, and hoping they feel a part of all of them, and love them as much as I do.





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  1. Carlos Salinas

    Perfectly described. Deep and lovely thoughts.

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