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DIY Mini Pine Branch Wreaths [Creating Tangible Memories ]


The best kind of memories, I think, are the ones you remember when you hear a song, when you smell a certain smell, or from the sensation on your fingers as you run them through an embroidery a loved one made for you. Tangible memories.

During the holiday season, a time when tangible is a very common theme, especially with gift giving, the idea of creating tangible memories stuck with me. Finding a way to make a tangible something that my children associate to an experience or memory, rather than a gift.

With this craft, I hope I am creating moments with my children that they will remember whenever they touch or see a pine branch.

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  • Pine Branches that we foraged during our walks
  • Flour and Glitter
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

The older Penelope gets, the more impressed I am by how well she is able to do crafts. On her own, she poured some flour and glitter onto a baking pan and mixed it. She was taking her craft very seriously, it was so endearing to watch. DIY Mini Snow Wreaths using Flour (2)DIY Mini Snow Wreaths using Flour (3)In the meantime, I cut a few pine branches and coated them with a thin layer of glue. She then pressed them against the flour mix and the result was quite beautiful. The flour mix creates a beautiful simulation of snow that looked quite magical. Mini Pine Branch Christmas Wreaths DIY Craft (4)Mini Pine Branch Christmas Wreaths DIY Craft (5)Mini Pine Branch Christmas Wreaths DIY Craft (6)Once the glue dried, I grouped the branches into similar size lengths and by overlapping them, created the shape of a wreath. I secured the branches to one another using a hot glue gun, and mixed the greens with, and without the flour mix coat, together.

Once completed, I ran some ribbon through them, and they were ready to hang as decor for the holidays.

A fun and easy activity to do with the kids, and they turned out so beautiful!Mini Pine Branch Christmas Wreaths DIY Craft (11)Mini Pine Branch Christmas Wreaths DIY Craft (10)IYEG8346[1]MMRO0972[1]


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