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Plants and Parenting [lessons learnt from my love of both]

There is something so therapeutic about watering a plant- have you noticed? Try it! Even if you don’t have any plants of your own, try watering one of your friend’s or family’s; it’s awesome! You can almost hear the plant saying “thank you”.

In a wonderful way, my green thumb flourished as soon as I became a mother. Perhaps taking care of little humans taught me the lessons I needed to care for plants, which is ironic, because in popular culture, they usually recommend you start the other way around, ha! In any case, if there was an influence there, I’m very happy for it.

My first house plant, a beautiful pothos, was my husband’s first. When we moved in together, the plant came home and shortly after, I adopted it. Every week, I would water it, pull out any dead leaves, prune it, spread the branches. Each day learning the plant more and more, noticing which environments it liked, and slowly knowing what made it happy. Sound familiar parents?

Like raising children, taking care of plants is a very symbiotic relationship. The more attuned I became to my plants, the more I learned to take care of them organically, with no real training. It’s something that came very naturally to me with parenting, and perhaps a lesson from mother nature to spread that emotional attunement to things around me…and it’s paid off.

Of course, as time passes, I have learnt a lot;  what different leaf colors mean, which cries mean what, which plants need more light, what foods one likes better than the other, how to properly cut clippings to propagate them.

As my plant collection grows, my plant care ritual becomes longer, but it’s a ritual that has become so necessary and beneficial to my self care as it brings me so much peace and joy.

The children have also learnt to love these plants as they have grown up with them. Oliver walks past them gently, and Penelope helps me water them more and more as she gets older.

In parenting and in plants, I see a lot of similarities and I’m grateful for the lessons that they teach me everyday because both….

…Are grateful for simple things like sunlight and water….

…Reciprocate love ten fold what is given to them…

… Understand the importance of fresh air…

…Are so innately connected to their nature and instinct…

… are so, so beautiful…

… make every day so much better…

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