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Beauty in Yellows [ Making Dandelion Crowns]

Paper planes fly around my living room as I write this, and when my eyes lift from the keyboard and meets theirs, they smile.

They’re happy. I am happy.

It’s a few days before June and where we live, dandelion flowers are in bloom all around us. Naturally, an afternoon walk turned into an evening braiding dandelion crowns. I grabbed my camera just before I walked out the door, and I’m so glad I did. So often, it’s so easy to rely on my phone for pictures, but there is just something about taking pictures with the camera.

* Dandelion Crown Tutorial Video Here *

I had never made a dandelion crown before, but I will certainly be making more. They collected flowers, and using the flowers with the longest stems, I began to braid. It didn’t take long for the shape to take form, and a crown it was. If you’ve never made a dandelion crown before, please do. It’s exquisite beauty available to all of us right now, and it’s everywhere.

Our everydays together, on an almost June evening.



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