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Breaking the Rules

We had a wonderfully busy weekend. Play dates, game night, visits with family, walks, and just the regular house stuff that needs to get done. My favorite moments though, were the quieter ones.

I’ve been breaking the “rules” lately.  During the kids’ midday nap, I have been taking turns bringing them into my room to have their nap with me. Normally, they would be happily taking their naps in their own cribs, in their own room, but something inside of me just yearned to hold them close while they slept. Most of the time, when the kids are in mommy and daddy’s bed, it’s anything but wind down time. Penelope will be jumping, singing, wrestling with Daddy. Oliver will be laughing, nursing distractedly, giggling at his crazy sister, and happily kicking away. It’s anything but relaxing and quiet (haha).

Not this weekend.

This weekend, I held my children while they napped. I felt the warmth of their little bodies, the dampness of their breath on my skin, and the weight of their bodies surrender onto mine. I was so beautiful.

It got me thinking about rules. As a parent, I give my children rules and boundaries and all the freedom they want around these rules. It gives them security, but also a sense of how the world works. As a parent, I also feel there are so many unwritten rules (ok, some are written) that I feel I have to abide to. No eating food on the couch. No having dinner in front of the tv. No candy, no sweets, I could go on. No one actually tells me I have follow these rules, but you just feel like you have to, or at least I do did. Perhaps it’s a second time mom thing, but I am more confident in the parent I am and in MY rules. If one day, we have dinner in front of the tv, that’s fine. If they have too much ice cream one day, that’s fine. If they nap in mommy’s bed one day instead of their crib, that’s fine. At the end of the day, balance and moderation is key, but we have to live too.

Do I intend on napping with my kids every day? Probably not. But, at the end of the day, these are my rules to break.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. I hadn’t thought about rules like that before but it’s so true! Kids need to learn structure as well as learning to appreciate flexibility. What better way than special snuggles? You go, mama!

    1. It’s definitely a balance, but so worth it! Thank you Mama <3

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