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DIY Fall Garden Wreath

For the gardener, for the flower lover, finding ways to extend the season of being outside with the plants is always a welcome activity.

After the reward of the blooming season, there is still joy in preparing the soil and the spaces for the season to come, but the pleasure in knowing that nothing is wasted, sigh, the life of the flowers extends.

In gardening zone 3 where I live, there are a few particular flower types that are both abundant in the landscape, and dry oh so beautifully in the fall; masterwort, meadowsweet, queen of the prairie and hydrangeas.

There is a beautiful acquaintance that happens with the garden in the practice of making fall wreaths. Knowing which flowers don’t wilt, but rather dry beautifully. What plant to prune that won’t affect the spring growth. The shape and colour of a plant past it’s bloom peak. The whole experience is just wonderful.

● pruners
● gardening wire
● a wreath/embroidery/any kind of hoop
● plants from your yard

  1. Group your plants by type and start creating bunches. The bigger the bunch, the more full your wreath will be.
  2. Secure the first bunch onto the hoop by wrapping gardening wire around the stems, leaving one of the wire ends uncut.
  3. Overlap the next bunch to cover the stem of the previous one, wrap wire tight three times, and repeat. Remember to leave the wire end uncut, you’re using one continuous piece of wire to secure the whole wreath.
  4. When attaching the last bunch, tuck the stems underneath the first bunch and secure.
  5. Using the lose wire end of the first bunch, secure and attach to the last.

It’s one the easiest things to do to mark the fall season, and to know that it was made from all the work you put into your summer garden makes it even more satisfying. Believe me that once you make one, you will be making many.

It looks beautiful displayed on the front entrance, inside the house, as a centre piece for a Thanksgiving dinner, and would even make a most beautiful and thoughtful gift.

And so I encourage you to go out and get to know your fall garden, the opportunity for beauty is endless.


If you are inspired to make a fall garden wreath after reading this, please make sure to tag me @our_everydays on instagram or use hasthtag #oureverydayswreaths so that I can see your beautiful creations.

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DIY Branch & Macrame Plant Wall Hanging

Last week when working on our yard, we trimmed a few of our trees, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw away this branch.

It’s not the first time this happens.

Something about branches, seems to me anyway, often asks to be transformed. Maybe it’s the artist in me, and if not, finding potential and beauty in the raw is a good thing, I think.

An old branch. A little string. A little macrame. A long pothos plant I already had. Some picture hooks, and a branch that was otherwise going to be thrown away, allowed for something so beautiful.

A lesson for our everydays.


  • And old branch
  • Macrame String
  • Picture hanging set
  • An S hook
  • A vine plant
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DIY Branch & Macrame Plant Hanger

Perhaps this is my way of bringing more green indoors with the cooler seasons arriving, or just me finding new places to hang new plants in the house, ha! Either way, I love how this little DIY turned out.

In the process of winterizing our backyard, I found two sticks/branches I had saved from a tree we cut down in the beginning of summer. They were a lovely shape and color, and I knew they would come in handy when inspiration arrived. Indeed, inspiration did arrive when I suddenly noticed the wall directly across my front door seemed a little blank and needed a little love.

I immediately knew I wanted to fill that space with plants, so I figured a branch macrame plant hanger would be perfect.

This DIY didn’t take long at all to make, it was a wonderful way to use materials I already had, and up cycle ones that I found. I worked on this during nap time for two days, and re potted the plants with Penelope’s help while Oliver napped ; very doable for us busy mamas.


– String & Scissors
– Pots (I found these at a thrift store for $8.00)
– Indoor Plant you have around the house.
– Branch/Stick (from backyard)
– Hooks

Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (1)

TIP : I found the “pots” I used for the plants at a thrift store, and since they were not actually meant for plants, they didn’t have a draining hole. To make sure your plants grow well and it’s not too moist during watering, add a few pebbles at the bottom to allow the water to deposit there.
Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (5)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (6)
I started the macrame from the bottom. Measure the bottom of your pot, divide that in half, and that’s the length your first knot needs to be from the beginning of your macrame, to create a nice seat for the pot. I then continued trying neighbor strings to create a net, and made sure to place the pot on top often to make sure it fit well. You can do whatever decoration style of macrame you want on the string, I stuck to some simple spiral square knot pattern. If you want to know how to do these styles of knots, a helpful video here.

Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (22)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (12)

I screwed two hooks on one side of the stick, and separated them the same distance as the anchors existing on the wall. On the opposite side of where the hanging hooks are, I screwed four more for the plants to hang on. Once that’s done, hang the stick, and arrange your plants are you like, and voila!

I hope this inspired one of you. Such an easy project, but the result is so beautiful!

Happy Day xo

Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (7)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (16)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (9)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (3)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (14)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (13)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (8)Branch Macrame Plant Hanger DIY (2)

DIY Branch Macrame Plant Hanger

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DIY Rope Shelves [Adding color to the cloudy days]

As much as holidays are refreshing, good for the soul and provide that nice break, there is nothing quite like walking into your own home after a few days away. One of the first things I did when we returned, was water my plants. Ironically, it’s been raining every days since we got back, so my outdoor plants are getting all the water they are going to need this winter, but that also means that the past few days have been a little grey.

As I’m taking down the plants from the rope shelves, I realize how blank the wall behind it looks when it’s empty. I notice how much color my little plants add to the house, to my days, especially on the rainy ones.

As we transition to fall, there will be more rainy and grey days, but this is a super easy way to brighten up and add color to the days that need it most.

I precut to wood planks to size at the hardware store, and using some string, hung them on the loops created by tying a knot. It’s super easy to make, sturdy (the wider the plank, the sturdier it is), and takes less than 5 minutes. I hung the shelf on two hooks that are anchored to the wall to make sure it’s attached safely. Once done, all you have to do is decorate!

I hope this inspires one of you!

DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (6)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (5)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (1)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (4)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (2)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (3)

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DIY Plant Hanger (with Repurposed Baby Gates)

DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (24)

Ok, I’m pretty proud of this DIY. It’s not often that baby items can be used again once they’ve been outgrown, or just not needed any more, and baby items aren’t cheap. Soooo… when you accidentally find potential in an old baby item, and make it into something so pretty, it makes me so, damn, happy. Without further ado, a DIY plant hanger/ wall hanging made from old baby gates!

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you’ll know that I always look DIYs to be simple, easy and affordable. A little creativity, love put into your craft, and you can make the most beautiful things from items that you already have in your home. In this case, baby gates that we were getting ready to discard , as we had replaced them. My husband had them stacked up against the garage wall until the next garbage day, and I just couldn’t throw them away; there was potential screaming out from them. Baby gates are an item all parents have, and hopefully this DIY gives you an idea of what you could do with them once your kids have outgrown them. The side of an old crib would work just as well! #yourewelcome

What you’ll need:

  • Old baby gates
  • Wire and Wire cutters
  • Small indoor plants you have around the house.
  • Picture Hanging Set (which you can get at the dollar store)
  • Hammer

DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (4)I started by giving the gates a good wipe, as they had their years worth of love from a toddler with sticky fingers, and a dog, ha! I then measured enough wire that could go around the perimeter of one pot, added about 2 inches to that, and cut them with the wire cutter.DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (6)DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (5)With the baby gate leaned up against the wall, I twisted the wire around one bar where I knew I wanted a plant to hang. Once one side was secure, I place my plant adjacent the baby gate, looped the wire around the pot, and secured it to the other side. Because the pot is wider at the top than it is at the bottom, the wire loop is enough to keep it secure and from falling down.DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (7)DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (9)Once I had wired a loop for all my plants, I screwed two small hooks to the back of the baby gate, and secured the wire it would hang it from, just like you would for a picture frame. What I found worked best, was to hang the gate first, and then add the plants. And voila!DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (10)DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (12)I love how it turned out! Such an easy way to create a wall hanging to display your plants, or pictures… the potential is endless really. I hope you enjoyed this, and that it inspires one of you. Thanks for reading! xo

DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (13)DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (14)DIY Plant Hanger with Repurposed Baby Gates (18)