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Adding to the Season with Doings [Activity Advent Calendar]

Last year, something that began simply, with little planning, using paper, scissors and colour pencils, created what became the activity advent calendar. Made up of ideas that our little family brainstormed during a drive, we created the most wonderful December leading up to Christmas.

The activity advent calendar was born, and we loved it so much, we’re doing it again this year.

I love the idea of an advent calendar that adds to the season through doings. In a time that is already hyper stimulated with stuff, this is a beautiful way to feel joy in giving/making/doing things together as a family, for others, and spreading joy in activity; an activity advent calendar.

Inspired by this idea, I have lovingly made some Christmas Village theme calendars that are available to buy through my shop, but it’s also something that you could easily do using materials you can find at home.

Inside every card, space to write a daily activity that the whole family can look forward to completing, either at random order, or you can choose to (secretly) number them by date too, if there are specific ones you want to complete on certain days.

With last year’s activity advent calendar, the kids absolutely loved knowing that each day there was an activity lined up for the day, and they are already asking when we’re starting the calendar this year. Below, some activity ideas, and if you have some fun ones too, leave a comment below.

  1. Put up the tree.
  2. Make a holiday wreath.
  3. Have a sleep over under the tree (a great one for Christmas Eve).
  4. Make a blanket fort.
  5. Christmas theme books reading night.
  6. Collect food to donate to your local food bank.
  7. Have a snowman pancake breakfast.
  8. Make a bird feeder.
  9. Make paper snowflakes.
  10. Build a snowman.
  11. Go ice skating.
  12. Build gingerbread house (real or cardboard).
  13. Make Christmas Cards.
  14. Christmas Movie Night (pick per family member too!)
  15. Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters.
  16. Fill each other’s stockings.
  17. Make lanterns.
  18. Go for a lantern walk.
  19. Check out neighbourhood Christmas decorations.
  20. Hot Chocolate Night.
  21. Make a special ornament.
  22. Bake cookies/cake and share with loved ones.
  23. Go to Tobogganing.
  24. Decorate gingerbread cookies/house.
  25. Leave a letter to your favourite Christmas decorated house.
  26. Write a letter to Santa.
  27. Go to Candy Cane Lane.
  28. Have a candle light dinner.

I invite you to join me in counting down to Christmas in such a lovely way, using hashtag #oureverydaysadventcalendar as we count down to the most wonderful time of the year starting Dec 1!

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From the Core – Handmade Recycled Paper Products [a small new venture]


For the dreamers, for the storytellers, for the artists, for the writers.

For you. For everybody.
From the Core – Handmade Recycled Paper Products

Recycled Paper Products Handmade Edmonton (53)

100% handmade recycled paper products made from used paper/flyers/cereal boxes/receipts, etc. I make “new” usable paper in my home studio in Edmonton, AB Canada and turn them into beautiful journals. 

I thought of this idea when I was driving a few weeks ago, and there was no doubt in my mind that this project would bring everything I love and am passionate about – being a storyteller, a person who journals, an artist, a maker-  and allow me to offer to the universe in the shape of a book.

Every book is unique and lovingly made from scratch. From the Paper, to the binding, to the art.

Step 1 : Making the Paper
Pulp, Mould and Deckle, Dry

Step 2: Binding
Creating Signatures and Saddle Stitch Binding

Step 3 : Cover & Art


So why “From the Core”?

From the Core of Mother Earth in the materials, and from the core of my heart and craft, this is my way of extending the life of paper products that exist in our everyday, and giving them new life. Every journal that gets created in house means less paper waste, less paper that needs to be transported to be recycled, less new paper needed. It’s also my way of bringing back the art of making the things that we can so easily walk to a commercial store and buy.

It’s From the Core in so many ways…

Every page is a new opportunity, a second chance, a blank canvas for creation. 

And so this is my new project, from me to you,

From the Core – Handmade Paper Products
Shop is LIVE