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Corners and Stories of my Home

Every year, in the spring and summer months, I appreciate our home more than ever.

The days are longer, which allows more time to be outside with my babies, but it also allows hours of daylight after they are asleep, which is wonderful. There is something about being able to sit in my living room with natural light after the kids are in bed.

The brightness of the evenings gives me energy, and I find myself starting projects to keep making our house a home. Some are as simple as rearranging a corner of my bedroom, and moving stuff around to give it new life. Or sometimes it’s weeks of work to build our dream built in, which has created the coziest space for our family in our basement floor.

I often remind myself that though I am inspired by trends of decor, I need to stay true to the style that represents our family, and to not change my home just because of decor that is trending, but to make changes to our home to reflect how we’re evolving; in our activities, tastes, the things that make us happy.

For a while, plants have been something that has inspired me, indoor and more recently, the outdoor plants. Also, they are easier to move around than furniture 😉

Things I want to remember from this year: Our lilac tree bloomed at a height that the flowers are just outside our bedroom window.

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Family Room DIY Built-Ins [feeling like super woman]

Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (2)

It seems like a very long time ago that I drew this and the vision for our family room was conceptualized. After weeks and weeks, it’s finally complete and seeing a drawing and a vision come to life has been SO wonderful.

We have renovated many spaces in our home now, but this particular built-in was my project. Aside from a few little things my husband helped me with, I built most of this on my own. The doors, the shelves, the electric fireplace encasing, the plexiglass door, installed hinges, used power tools, probably smelled and ate a lot of saw dust, but my goodness, I’m so proud of my handy woman work and feel so totally badass!

Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (20)Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (3)

The transformation of this space, well, we all just love it so much and fits our little family so well. After a full day of play and toys all over the couch and floor, to family movie nights, to a corner desk space for me to write, to a space for quiet nights cozying up with my Adam with a romantic touch of a new-to-us electric fireplace, to a space for game nights with our family and friends; I’m so pleased.

We’ve only just recently finished this room, and it feels like it’s always been like this, which to me is the feeling of finding that perfect harmony to a room. Not just aesthetically, but for what it functions as, for the people who live in this space.

On the shelves, a lot of pieces that I have collected from years travelling, and getting to display them makes me happy. An ode to the years I’ve lived, with inspiration for the years to come.

Room by room, year over year, we have been renovating our home. We’ve come a long way, and though there are less rooms and spaces to renovate with the years we are here, it’s a wonderful journey to living in the space that as a family we have dreamed about.

Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (8)Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (15)Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (19)Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (21)Edmonton Mommy Blogger DIY Built In (22)

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Flower Crowns and Smoky Days

It’s been a smoky couple of days in the city. The smoke from the forest fires in the province that neighbors us has blown over, and I’m sad for the circumstances, but trying to find the silver lining.

At a new moon circle I attended last week, the ceremony started off with the burning of sage. I’m learning that smoke, or smudging, has been used by many cultures throughout history to cleanse one’s aura and clear one’s space.

Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (2)Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (21)

Ironically, our city has been filled with smoke for the past couple of days, and I’m trying to view it as a cleanse. A cleanse of our souls and our aura, and when the smoke passes, everything will be clearer and we’ll appreciate more just how beautiful the air is when it’s clean, and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy it. A beautiful and important lesson that life is giving us.

Yesterday afternoon, the smoke was not as intense, and we spent it in our backyard.

Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (10)Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (14)

Our little backyard oasis; how much I love it. It’s not very big. We have a pergola in the middle of it that takes up quite a bit of the footprint, there is a mixture of grass and stone surfaces, and a deck that needs to be redone; still, there is something special about that space. From the color of the grass in the afternoons, to the angle of the sun as it sets, to the way it feels like it’s in the middle of the country in it’s privacy.

I picked flowers, and roughly braided a flower crown that we all took turns to wear. The flowers were yellow, my favorite color, and they very much complimented the sun that we were finally been able to enjoy after a few days.

Later in the day, our day was very different, it was hard.

My Penelope, overtired from an active day in which she skipped her nap – a transition she’s going through right now – had a long and tearful (from my side too) meltdown. She cried and screamed for things she wanted, and when she had them, screamed because she didn’t. I sat by her side when she needed me, and left when she asked me to. After what felt like a really long time, she calmed down, and while still whimpering, asked for her milk and colcha (blankie in spanish).

We were laying on her bed, her little body cuddled into mine, and after a few minutes of silence, she turned her face towards mine and whispered in my ear-  “I love you so much”.

It was her way of saying “I’m sorry”, and I was sorry too. My eyes teared up, I told her I loved her so much, and then she told me about bears and caves, and how dinosaurs lay eggs that hatch into giant T-Rexes.

The smoke had passed.

And still, at one point that day, while sitting on my lap, with my arms wrapped around each of them, they shared a bowl of raisins. We cuddled, we laughed, and did nothing more than sit there with each other. If you know me, you know that moments like those fill my heart in ways I cannot explain.

Happy Friday xo

Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (11)Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (9)
Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (5)
Flower Crowns Mommy Blogger Edmonton Kids (1)

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Plants and Parenting [lessons learnt from my love of both]

There is something so therapeutic about watering a plant- have you noticed? Try it! Even if you don’t have any plants of your own, try watering one of your friend’s or family’s; it’s awesome! You can almost hear the plant saying “thank you”.

In a wonderful way, my green thumb flourished as soon as I became a mother. Perhaps taking care of little humans taught me the lessons I needed to care for plants, which is ironic, because in popular culture, they usually recommend you start the other way around, ha! In any case, if there was an influence there, I’m very happy for it.

My first house plant, a beautiful pothos, was my husband’s first. When we moved in together, the plant came home and shortly after, I adopted it. Every week, I would water it, pull out any dead leaves, prune it, spread the branches. Each day learning the plant more and more, noticing which environments it liked, and slowly knowing what made it happy. Sound familiar parents?

Like raising children, taking care of plants is a very symbiotic relationship. The more attuned I became to my plants, the more I learned to take care of them organically, with no real training. It’s something that came very naturally to me with parenting, and perhaps a lesson from mother nature to spread that emotional attunement to things around me…and it’s paid off.

Of course, as time passes, I have learnt a lot;  what different leaf colors mean, which cries mean what, which plants need more light, what foods one likes better than the other, how to properly cut clippings to propagate them.

As my plant collection grows, my plant care ritual becomes longer, but it’s a ritual that has become so necessary and beneficial to my self care as it brings me so much peace and joy.

The children have also learnt to love these plants as they have grown up with them. Oliver walks past them gently, and Penelope helps me water them more and more as she gets older.

In parenting and in plants, I see a lot of similarities and I’m grateful for the lessons that they teach me everyday because both….

…Are grateful for simple things like sunlight and water….

…Reciprocate love ten fold what is given to them…

… Understand the importance of fresh air…

…Are so innately connected to their nature and instinct…

… are so, so beautiful…

… make every day so much better…

Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (5)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (6)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (15)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (12)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (20)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (19)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (17)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (13)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (7)
Indoor Plants Urban Jungle (9)
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Our Christmas Tree Ornaments [Part 2] DIY Nature Inspired Tree Ornaments

OUR EVERYDAYS BLOG Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments

I am so so so in love with how this ornament turned out! Not only is it super easy to do, it’s so personal and such a beautiful way to display your family pictures on your Christmas tree.

Materials you’ll need

  • Pine Greens ( DIY steps to cover some white here.)
  • Berries
  • Sticks
  • Jingle bells from local craft or dollar store
  • Glue Gun
  • Picture you want to use
  1. Begin by cutting your stick into six equal pieces, each about 2″ long, and glue the ends together using a hot glue gun to form hexagon shape.
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (17)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (5)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (14)

2. Using a hot glue gun, secure some pine greens to the bottom of shape. I love the contrast of green and white, it makes it look so wintery. To cover your greens in white DIY steps here.

3. Grab some berries and jingle bells, and secure onto the middle of branches.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (9)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (6)

4. Place your ornament on top of your picture, draw outline and cut out shape. Add glue to edges of paper and glue onto wooden shape, and add string loop to the back for hanging.

I absolutely love how easy, and how beautiful this ornament was to make! If you don’t want to use a picture, another variation you can do is to wrap the shape with some string to form a dream catcher pattern (image below). I didn’t print my picture on super thick paper, so when it’s on the tree, the pictures really shine when  back lit by the lights on the tree.

More Nature Inspired Christmas DIYs

Macrame Stars * Mini Pine Tree * Mini Wreaths * Paper Snowflakes

A versatile, beautiful, and easy to personalize DIY. If you try it, tag me at @our_everydays on instagram so I can see what you came up with.

I hope you found some inspiration here. Thank you for reading! xo

More DIY Ornaments here

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (12)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (19)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (27)
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Our Christmas Tree Ornaments [Part 1] DIY Macrame Inspired Star Ornaments

OUR EVERYDAYS BLOG Macrame Inspired DIY Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Decor Nature Inspired Mommy Blogger (9)
DIY Christmas Decor Nature Inspired Mommy Blogger (12)

It’s the first of December, and we’re officially in the Christmas month. I normally wouldn’t consider myself a Christmaholic, but this year I was inspired by the children to decorate our home in a different and special way.

Over the past year, the kids and I have gone on so many walks, and they have collected and brought home all sorts of treasures. I’ve been collecting their little findings – sticks, branches, berries- hoping to get an idea of what I could do with them. With Christmas just around the corner, making them into ornaments seemed like the perfect idea.

Inspired by that, I began to play around with materials, and I’ll be sharing what we did to decorate our Christmas tree completely with DIY ornaments. We made them with materials found in nature, or ones that are easy and inexpensive to get.

The theme of our tree this year is very “Back to Basics”, rustic chic, and if that’s your style, you’re really enjoy these.

I love the way the tree turned out. It’s cozy, homey, and it reminds me of the kind of tree I would have had in my childhood too.


Macrame Stars
To make these macrame stars you’ll need stir sticks, string, scissors and a hot glue gun.

  • Cut 5 stir sticks to approximately 2.5/3″, and then cut 5 pieces of string that are 10 times the length of the stick.
  • Fold the string in half, placing the stick towards the fold, and begin knotting a spiral knot around the stick. How to do a spiral knot here. Consider the stick your middle cord, and the two strands your working cords. Continue your spiral knot until it covers the stick, tie off, and cut off excess at the bottom.

How to start the knot.


Hot to end a knot.


  • Once you have 5 spiral knot sticks, secure them together using a hot glue gun. Below the order in which I glued the sticks to achieve a nice and even star shape.
  • Make a small string loop  (I used some jute string for contrast in color) and glue to the back of the star for hanging, and you’re done!

The end result are delicate and beautiful little stars to decorate your tree with! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! If you try them, tag me at @our_everydays on instagram so I can see what you came up with!

More Christmas Inspired Ornaments

Paper Snowflakes * Mini Wreaths * Nature Ornament * Mini Pine Tree

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (22)

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (26)



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DIY Easy Paper Snowflakes [Holiday Decor Inspiration]

One of my favorite scenes from the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell, is the scene where he completely “Christmafies” the store before Santa comes. It’s such a magical scene, and I’ve always wanted to recreate something similar. I love the winter wonderland feel of the decor, but most of all, I love that to recreate the look, all you need is paper and scissors! The simplicity factor totally speaks to me, and I decided to give it a go.

My interpretation was to create a winter wonderland chandelier, and I am so happy with how it turned out. It didn’t take very long to make, the materials are something we all have in our home, and the end result is so beautiful and delicate. I hung the stars on the light above my dining room table, but you could tape them right onto a window glass, windowsills, mantels, ceiling; the options are limitless, and since they are so light, you don’t need much other than tape to secure them to a surface.

DIY Paper Snowflake Chandelier (2) Winter Wonerland
DIY Paper Snowflake Chandelier Winter Wonderland

There are two types of paper snow flakes you can make, 2 or 3 dimensional, and they are both so easy to make. Pictures and steps of both below. You’ll need paper, scissors, and glue.

More Nature Inspired Christmas DIYs

Mini Wreaths * Macrame Starts * Nature Ornament * Mini Pine Ornament

Paper Snowflake DIY Christmas Decor (6)

2D Paper Snowflake

Fold a square sheet by joining diagonal corners together, and do this step twice. Then, imagine folding that triangle shape into 3 equal parts, and cut off the excess. Start to cut shapes out of the sides of the folded triangle shape. There are certain cutting patterns you can find online to achieve certain snowflake shapes, but honestly, even if you cut the most random patterns, you’ll get a beautiful result. Once cut, unfold slowly, and iron flat between two sheets of paper (if needed). Voila!

3D  Paper Snowflake

Fold a square sheet of paper by joining diagonal corners. Do 3  cuts parallel to each side, but leave a space towards the top. Open folded sheet, fold over cut corners and glue together. Fold them facing opposite directions every time, and you’ll end up with an icecyle shape. Glue 5 of those together, and you’ll have a beautiful 3D paper snowflake.

I absolutely love how this turned out, and hope you found some inspiration here.

Thanks for reading. xo

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DIY Rope Shelves [Adding color to the cloudy days]

As much as holidays are refreshing, good for the soul and provide that nice break, there is nothing quite like walking into your own home after a few days away. One of the first things I did when we returned, was water my plants. Ironically, it’s been raining every days since we got back, so my outdoor plants are getting all the water they are going to need this winter, but that also means that the past few days have been a little grey.

As I’m taking down the plants from the rope shelves, I realize how blank the wall behind it looks when it’s empty. I notice how much color my little plants add to the house, to my days, especially on the rainy ones.

As we transition to fall, there will be more rainy and grey days, but this is a super easy way to brighten up and add color to the days that need it most.

I precut to wood planks to size at the hardware store, and using some string, hung them on the loops created by tying a knot. It’s super easy to make, sturdy (the wider the plank, the sturdier it is), and takes less than 5 minutes. I hung the shelf on two hooks that are anchored to the wall to make sure it’s attached safely. Once done, all you have to do is decorate!

I hope this inspires one of you!

DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (6)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (5)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (1)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (4)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (2)DIY Rope Shelves Edmonton Mommy Blogger (3)