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Corners and Stories of my Home

Every year, in the spring and summer months, I appreciate our home more than ever.

The days are longer, which allows more time to be outside with my babies, but it also allows hours of daylight after they are asleep, which is wonderful. There is something about being able to sit in my living room with natural light after the kids are in bed.

The brightness of the evenings gives me energy, and I find myself starting projects to keep making our house a home. Some are as simple as rearranging a corner of my bedroom, and moving stuff around to give it new life. Or sometimes it’s weeks of work to build our dream built in, which has created the coziest space for our family in our basement floor.

I often remind myself that though I am inspired by trends of decor, I need to stay true to the style that represents our family, and to not change my home just because of decor that is trending, but to make changes to our home to reflect how we’re evolving; in our activities, tastes, the things that make us happy.

For a while, plants have been something that has inspired me, indoor and more recently, the outdoor plants. Also, they are easier to move around than furniture 😉

Things I want to remember from this year: Our lilac tree bloomed at a height that the flowers are just outside our bedroom window.


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