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DIY Birthday Party Number Balloon

I cannot believe I am the mother of a two year old now- incredible how fast time went by! As a follow up to my little girl’s second birthday post, I thought I would blog this little DIY number balloon I did for her party.

We’ve all seen those large metalic color number balloons; on pinterest, instagram, facebook… everywhere. They are beautiful, fun, colorful, and I wanted one for Penelope’s party. Due to a combination of a little bit of a time crunch… and me not wanting to spend $13 for a balloon (that’s a lot of coffees for me haha), I figured I would do my own version.

I’ve mentioned this before in my previous posts , when I do any DIY/ crafts, I always look for it to be simple, easy and inexpensive. All the materials I used for this DIY cost me less than $5, and it took less than 10 minutes to make, so I can’t even justify that going to the store and buying one would have saved me time, ha!

I love how it turned out! It’s different, unique, and I was able to add my own personal touches for my little girl with the fake flowers to make it a little bit more girly. The potential to customize it with things that mean something special to your little ones is endless, and I love that about it!

Could I have gotten dressed, driven to party city, and bought one of those number balloons? Probably. Am I happier that I did my own version that was unique, much more less expensive, AND I didn’t have to change from my pajamas? Yep 🙂

Thank you for reading, Happy Tuesday! xo




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