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From the Core – Handmade Recycled Paper Products [a small new venture]


For the dreamers, for the storytellers, for the artists, for the writers.

For you. For everybody.
From the Core – Handmade Recycled Paper Products

Recycled Paper Products Handmade Edmonton (53)

100% handmade recycled paper products made from used paper/flyers/cereal boxes/receipts, etc. I make “new” usable paper in my home studio in Edmonton, AB Canada and turn them into beautiful journals. 

I thought of this idea when I was driving a few weeks ago, and there was no doubt in my mind that this project would bring everything I love and am passionate about – being a storyteller, a person who journals, an artist, a maker-  and allow me to offer to the universe in the shape of a book.

Every book is unique and lovingly made from scratch. From the Paper, to the binding, to the art.

Step 1 : Making the Paper
Pulp, Mould and Deckle, Dry

Step 2: Binding
Creating Signatures and Saddle Stitch Binding

Step 3 : Cover & Art


So why “From the Core”?

From the Core of Mother Earth in the materials, and from the core of my heart and craft, this is my way of extending the life of paper products that exist in our everyday, and giving them new life. Every journal that gets created in house means less paper waste, less paper that needs to be transported to be recycled, less new paper needed. It’s also my way of bringing back the art of making the things that we can so easily walk to a commercial store and buy.

It’s From the Core in so many ways…

Every page is a new opportunity, a second chance, a blank canvas for creation. 

And so this is my new project, from me to you,

From the Core – Handmade Paper Products
Shop is LIVE


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