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Half way to a Year (Oliver)

HURH4329MCNL1571CLNQ4938MIMO5461My sweet little boy, you are 6 months old today. It feels like it was just yesterday that I met you for the first time upstairs in our master bedroom, and now, you’re rolling around all over the same bed where you were born. You were a beautiful little newborn, and your beauty keeps growing, radiating the strongest from the inside.

You are a sweet, gentle and loving little soul. ‘Till this day, there are very few times I’ve seen you cry, and you have the cutest belly laughs when someone pretends to sneeze.

You happily and patiently tag along to our daily activities. I appreciate your patience and grace, as a lot of the activities in our days are tailored around your big sister, but you adore her. Her happiness is yours, and witnessing the love between you two is truly a gift. You are curious about the world, your eyes always looking around and taking it all in, but you find stillness and peace in your mamas eyes. At least 7 times in the day (and sometimes once at night…sometimes twice) I nurse you, and I love those little quiet moments with you. Your little hand grasps onto the skin of the breast you’re nursing on, and though you’re pinching and hurting me while you do that, I treasure and bottle up those little details.

Your favorite sounds right now is “Da-da” (in pterodactyl pitch) and you make your father’s eyes shine whenever you say it. You’re starting to look at lot like your Dad, and you’re his biggest pride.

I can’t believe we’re already half way to your first year, my love. You are such a joy, and you make all our days a little sweeter.  I adore you.

  •  17lbs 11oz
  • 2 teeth
  • Sitting up
  • Rolling over
  • Your sister is your favourite person
  • You’ve had TWO haircuts already
  • Making “Ma-ma” and “Da-da” sounds
  • You like sweet potato the best so far
  • Like your sister, you love your jolly jumper.
  • The best room sharer

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