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Magical Two!

Things I want to remember…

Penelope turned two years old this weekend. It was such a joy to watch her enjoy her day. She completely understood what was happening. I remember how for her first birthday we were able to wrap her gifts in front of her, ha! This year, we had to hide her balloons and gifts in the closet, bake her cupcakes after she had gone to bed, and set up all the decorations during her nap so that it would all be a surprise for her. We’re at that age, incredible!

She woke up to a cupcake sitting on our kitchen table, with two candles lit on it. We had been practicing blowing out candles for a few weeks in preparation for her birthday. She knew this was different. She knew this was the real thing. She sat there, with happiness radiating from her eyes, and patiently waited for us to finish singing happy birthday. She closed her eyes, something we didn’t teach her, and like she was making a wish, blew out her candles. It was beautiful to see. If I’ve ever seen real magic, that was it.

And then the day continued…


After her nap, she woke up to a living room and dining room decorated for her. She smiled, laughed, chased bubbles, and danced to her favorite songs, all while surrounded by the people she loves most. We sang happy birthday to her twice, once in English, then in Spanish, and then she blew out her candles with the same excitement she had earlier in the morning. She kept saying “behdayy – behdayy” (birthday-birthday) with the happiest little voice.

I was very emotional about my little girl turning two. With her age, however, came a new awareness to the magic of birthdays, and seeing her excitement and joy yesterday brought me so much happiness.

My sweet Penelope, you are just a joy! Happy 2nd Birthday my love!




3 thoughts on “Magical Two!

  1. Perfect party mama! Love the balloon 2. Happy birthday Penelope!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’ll be doing a DIY blog for the balloon 2 soon!

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