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Ode to my Pregnancy Body

For the past 3 years, my identity as a woman has been heavily defined by my role as a mother, so when thinking about what my first post could be in this blog, I figured I would start from here. From the beginning of that journey and transformation.

Reading through my note books from second/third year university days, I found a page where I jotted down ideas for an art project about identity. I wrote the following:

“What fascinates me about being a woman – pregnancy, birth, creation, strength to be a mother, to raise a child”.

At the time I wrote that, it was all conceptual. Now, I am mother of two- a 20 month old and a 2 month old. Everyday I am amazed with what my body can do and has done — Mother Nature is quite amazing!

I dedicate this post to celebrating my, our, all pregnancy bodies. To the vessel that has grown two babies, and with its imperfections and stretch marks unique to each pregnancy, is so beautiful!

Cheers to being a woman, a mother, to the beautiful process of pregnancy and the wonderful gift that we have to grow life.

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