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Princesses, and a whole new season…

Oh, Penelope…

A 2 year old who is in the performing stage. You don’t have to ask her too hard to dance or sing, because she will, and the more people looking at her when she does this…the better! One of her performances lately, is the famous “Let it Go” song from Frozen. She swings her arms in a perfected choreography, changes her expressions and voice levels to show her emotion, and finishes it off with a little finger wag on the “…the cold never bothered me anyway” part. It’s quite the performance. Needless to say she’s an Elza fan, and a Rapunzel fan, and well… any princess that sings- she’s a fan, ha!

Over the weekend, we went to the Super Magical Family Fun Day held at the local market close to where we live. The day was absolutely beautiful. Warm and not a could in the sky. In all the fun we had, it was a bittersweet experience –  why? Let me tell you. They had Princess Belle, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Elana there for the kids to meet. As soon as Penelope saw them, she was giddy with excitement. She ran towards them and squealed in amazement. She cried when we pulled her away in order to get in line, so that she could see them, but try explaining that to a toddler, haha. After a few minutes, we were in front of the line, and it was Penelope’s turn to meet them. She walked up to the Princesses very confidently, and gave them each a hug. She kept pointing and saying “Rapunzel! Rapunzel!” to the corresponding princess, and the whole thing was just freaking adorable. In that moment, I no longer saw baby in Penelope, but just a little girl. A little girl with likes and tastes, and fan girl moments. In this occasion, a little girl whose dream was coming true because she was meeting the princesses whose songs she sings. The same girl that will get all giddy when she stands in line to get into her first concert when she’s older. The thought crossed my mind, and I just realized that she is growing up.

We’re entering a whole new season. The season of Adam and I taking turns standing in line so that Penelope can meet the characters she loves, so she can go on the rides that she is tall enough for, so she can do the things she wants to do. Thank goodness for my little Oliver, who will happily keep me company while we stand in line, although he did get a cool picture with a Stormtrooper too.

Life with my little loves …. xo

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