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The Handmade / DIY Wall Art for Play Area

Whether it’s a hand written letter, a scarf you knitted yourself, or wall art you made with your children; there is something quite special about the handmade.


  • Branch
  • Color Paint
  • Large piece of white paper

Directions: Squeeze paint onto various spots on the paper, and using the branch as a brush, let them explore.


The handmade isn’t instant, and in a world where everything moves so fast, and “time consuming” is a bad thing, not- instant is a great quality. Crafting takes time. There are steps, there is a process, and within that process, moments to practice patience and imagination as one stops and makes changes along the way. It offers moments to slow down and to experiment, again and again.


With a 2 year old and a 7 month old, “slowing down” sometimes seems impossible to achieve, ha! When we’re making crafts though, I see it. Using simple materials – branches, a large piece of paper, and paint – the kids are happy and entertained for 15 -20 minutes. Penelope experiments in the ways she moves the branch to mix the colors, and in the process, the most beautiful textures and color made. Oliver still quite young, finds more wonder in the branch itself, examining the leaves, and trying to eat them, ha! Perhaps I’m a little biased (I have a Fine Arts degree), but I hope my children find making things with their hands therapeutic like I do, and if not, that they remember the moments we sat down around our kitchen table, creating moments to enjoy the process of making things, of spending time together, of slowing down, and of creating beautiful things with our hands.



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DIY Ladybug Birthday Invitations

My Penelope is turning two years old in less than a few weeks!! TWO YEARS OLD! Still can’t believe it. For her first birthday, I feel like I began planning her party months in advance. With little Oliver in our lives now, it’s been a little harder, but I still managed to make a little DIY for my girl, starting with her invitations.

Penelope is a little outdoor girl, she could be outside all day. She loves nature, touching leaves, smelling flowers, looking at insects move and fly, and was even a little lady bug for her second Halloween.  So, I used the lady bug as an inspiration for her invitations.

If you know me, you know I love hand crafts. I always look for it to be simple, easy and affordable. I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to do pretty things. A little creativity, love and time to put into your craft, and you can make the cutest things.

Hopefully these inspire at least one of you.
*click on the images to view larger*

Happy Monday xo


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My Mother’s Quilts

13 years ago, my mother hand sewed a quilt for me. I was a teenager when she gifted it to me, yet she embroidered my baby name on it; Aguchi. I was her baby. I still have that quilt. The natural tear and wear on it a sign of all the love and use it has had over the years, but still so delicately beautiful.

Yesterday, 13 years after my mother sewed that quilt, she gave me another one. This time, the name Penelope embroidered on it. It was not for me, it was for her granddaughter.

At first sight, the quilt is beautiful, but the more I looked at it, the more beautiful it became. It had been a while since I was moved purely by beauty, yet here I was, examining the quilt and crying. The quilt is so special. There is patchwork on the back side of it. A little house with a flower bed on the front, and a tree next to it. It’s her house. In every detail of the embroidery, in every stitch, in every piece she sewed together by hand – it was her. The quilt is her.

The quilt evokes the abundance of a mother’s love, in this case, a grandmother’s love. Whether through the making of a quilt, singing “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” a million times, happily reading the same book for the nth time before bedtime, we are unconditionally and constantly giving ourselves to ones we love. In this case, my mother, giving part of herself and her love to Penelope, through a quilt. She will always be there with Penelope, watching out for her through the window of the little house, her little house, that was so lovingly sewed on the back of a quilt.

To my Mom- I love you. You continue to create beauty in the world, not only for your children, but now for your grandchildren. You are so special and I’m proud to call you my mother.