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Our Christmas Tree Ornaments [Part 1] DIY Macrame Inspired Star Ornaments

OUR EVERYDAYS BLOG Macrame Inspired DIY Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Decor Nature Inspired Mommy Blogger (9)
DIY Christmas Decor Nature Inspired Mommy Blogger (12)

It’s the first of December, and we’re officially in the Christmas month. I normally wouldn’t consider myself a Christmaholic, but this year I was inspired by the children to decorate our home in a different and special way.

Over the past year, the kids and I have gone on so many walks, and they have collected and brought home all sorts of treasures. I’ve been collecting their little findings – sticks, branches, berries- hoping to get an idea of what I could do with them. With Christmas just around the corner, making them into ornaments seemed like the perfect idea.

Inspired by that, I began to play around with materials, and I’ll be sharing what we did to decorate our Christmas tree completely with DIY ornaments. We made them with materials found in nature, or ones that are easy and inexpensive to get.

The theme of our tree this year is very “Back to Basics”, rustic chic, and if that’s your style, you’re really enjoy these.

I love the way the tree turned out. It’s cozy, homey, and it reminds me of the kind of tree I would have had in my childhood too.


Macrame Stars
To make these macrame stars you’ll need stir sticks, string, scissors and a hot glue gun.

  • Cut 5 stir sticks to approximately 2.5/3″, and then cut 5 pieces of string that are 10 times the length of the stick.
  • Fold the string in half, placing the stick towards the fold, and begin knotting a spiral knot around the stick. How to do a spiral knot here. Consider the stick your middle cord, and the two strands your working cords. Continue your spiral knot until it covers the stick, tie off, and cut off excess at the bottom.

How to start the knot.


Hot to end a knot.


  • Once you have 5 spiral knot sticks, secure them together using a hot glue gun. Below the order in which I glued the sticks to achieve a nice and even star shape.
  • Make a small string loop  (I used some jute string for contrast in color) and glue to the back of the star for hanging, and you’re done!

The end result are delicate and beautiful little stars to decorate your tree with! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! If you try them, tag me at @our_everydays on instagram so I can see what you came up with!

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