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[DIY Nature Inspired Christmas Decor Roundup]

I can feel it in cool air outside, in my spirit, that energy that the most wonderful time of the year brings, and if you’re anything like me, that brings with it an urge to nest and cozy up the home in the most wonderful of ways.

I always go to nature and simplicity for my inspiration. What is available to us during a walk with my kids. What is available in our craft materials shelf. What inspiration are we getting from the nature around us. What is something we can create that is beautiful, and that we can later compost and return to the earth with little impact to her.

And so, it leads me to this blog. A few nature inspired and easy Christmas DIYs we have completed over the years.

And sometimes, frosting the tips of a pine cone is just enough too.

I hope these provide some inspiration for your holidays decor.


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DIY Fall Garden Wreath

For the gardener, for the flower lover, finding ways to extend the season of being outside with the plants is always a welcome activity.

After the reward of the blooming season, there is still joy in preparing the soil and the spaces for the season to come, but the pleasure in knowing that nothing is wasted, sigh, the life of the flowers extends.

In gardening zone 3 where I live, there are a few particular flower types that are both abundant in the landscape, and dry oh so beautifully in the fall; masterwort, meadowsweet, queen of the prairie and hydrangeas.

There is a beautiful acquaintance that happens with the garden in the practice of making fall wreaths. Knowing which flowers don’t wilt, but rather dry beautifully. What plant to prune that won’t affect the spring growth. The shape and colour of a plant past it’s bloom peak. The whole experience is just wonderful.

● pruners
● gardening wire
● a wreath/embroidery/any kind of hoop
● plants from your yard

  1. Group your plants by type and start creating bunches. The bigger the bunch, the more full your wreath will be.
  2. Secure the first bunch onto the hoop by wrapping gardening wire around the stems, leaving one of the wire ends uncut.
  3. Overlap the next bunch to cover the stem of the previous one, wrap wire tight three times, and repeat. Remember to leave the wire end uncut, you’re using one continuous piece of wire to secure the whole wreath.
  4. When attaching the last bunch, tuck the stems underneath the first bunch and secure.
  5. Using the lose wire end of the first bunch, secure and attach to the last.

It’s one the easiest things to do to mark the fall season, and to know that it was made from all the work you put into your summer garden makes it even more satisfying. Believe me that once you make one, you will be making many.

It looks beautiful displayed on the front entrance, inside the house, as a centre piece for a Thanksgiving dinner, and would even make a most beautiful and thoughtful gift.

And so I encourage you to go out and get to know your fall garden, the opportunity for beauty is endless.


If you are inspired to make a fall garden wreath after reading this, please make sure to tag me @our_everydays on instagram or use hasthtag #oureverydayswreaths so that I can see your beautiful creations.

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Our Christmas Tree Ornaments [Part 2] DIY Nature Inspired Tree Ornaments

OUR EVERYDAYS BLOG Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments

I am so so so in love with how this ornament turned out! Not only is it super easy to do, it’s so personal and such a beautiful way to display your family pictures on your Christmas tree.

Materials you’ll need

  • Pine Greens ( DIY steps to cover some white here.)
  • Berries
  • Sticks
  • Jingle bells from local craft or dollar store
  • Glue Gun
  • Picture you want to use
  1. Begin by cutting your stick into six equal pieces, each about 2″ long, and glue the ends together using a hot glue gun to form hexagon shape.
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (17)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (5)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (14)

2. Using a hot glue gun, secure some pine greens to the bottom of shape. I love the contrast of green and white, it makes it look so wintery. To cover your greens in white DIY steps here.

3. Grab some berries and jingle bells, and secure onto the middle of branches.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (9)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (6)

4. Place your ornament on top of your picture, draw outline and cut out shape. Add glue to edges of paper and glue onto wooden shape, and add string loop to the back for hanging.

I absolutely love how easy, and how beautiful this ornament was to make! If you don’t want to use a picture, another variation you can do is to wrap the shape with some string to form a dream catcher pattern (image below). I didn’t print my picture on super thick paper, so when it’s on the tree, the pictures really shine when  back lit by the lights on the tree.

More Nature Inspired Christmas DIYs

Macrame Stars * Mini Pine Tree * Mini Wreaths * Paper Snowflakes

A versatile, beautiful, and easy to personalize DIY. If you try it, tag me at @our_everydays on instagram so I can see what you came up with.

I hope you found some inspiration here. Thank you for reading! xo

More DIY Ornaments here

DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (12)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (19)
DIY Christmas Ornaments Nature Macrame Inspired (27)