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My Babies’ Shared Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant with Oliver, aside from the excitement of welcoming another beautiful being into our family, I couldn’t help but be excited about all the nesting that comes with it – specifically decorating the nursery. In my case, doubly exciting because I was decorating for two in this nursery – my toddler and baby on the way.

My husband and I decided early on that our kids would share a room. Why a shared nursery/room? We did our research, and to us, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks (…but, I’ll go into the logistics of how we got them to successfully room share in another post), but one reason was simply space. We have a third bedroom on another floor, but I personally didn’t feel comfortable moving my Penelope (18 months old at the time). She’s still a baby and I want her as close to me as possible.

I love how the shared nursery turned out. The space is calm, bright and fun. The layout worked out well, we stuck to the basic furniture needed, and filled it with a whole bunch of DIY to add the personal touches and love. We put the dresser inside the closet (which serves as their changing table as well) to save space, and it worked out perfectly.

The kids have been room sharing for over a month now, and I love this space in which they share their sleep, dreams, and are already making so many memories together.