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Penelope and Oliver, just as they are! [#peanutsportraitsbyamanda by Amanda Barbara Artistry]

*All images in this blog taken by Amanda Barbara Artistry. Visit her Website or Facebook Page for more info.

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If there have ever been portraits that capture so much of my little one’s personalities, it’s these.

The nuances in their silly faces, their body language. The way Oliver’s hands look like at age two and a half, and the expressions they make as reactions to something funny. Those little things about them that, as their mother, I know so well, now forever beautifully captured in pictures for me, and them, to look back in years to come.

To say I love these portraits is an understatement; I ADORE them.

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A quick story of how Amanda and I met; her and I have been #instamom friends for years, and after many conversations of meeting up, serendipity brought us together by bumping us into each other by being at the same place at the same time. It’s always wonderful to meet women you have connected with online for years, but even more wonderful when you see that they are genuinely as lovely in person.

Amanda welcomed us to her home studio for this session, and immediately, the kids were comfortable around her. Penelope in particular thinks Amanda is her BFF, which I think is adorable, and she was so happy to have her picture taken. Even Oliver, who happily and excitedly sat on the chair (sometimes for only seconds at a time haha) had so much fun.

The children’s natural affinity for Amanda was obvious, and so was her talent for capturing beautiful moments. Even inside the inevitable chaos that is taking pictures of toddlers, the session was fun, easy going, and the children were able to just be themselves. The results, of course, being beautiful.

Thank you Amanda for capturing these lovely portraits!

For more information on getting #peanutportraits for you little ones, visit Amanda Barbara Artistry.

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