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My Children are Wearing the Same Halloween Costume This Year [The Story of Two Little Elephant Costumes]

Our Everydays Edmonton Mom Blogger DIY Elephant Halloween Costumes (9)

The things that motherhood love inspires.

This time last year, I was finishing up the last little details of the Elephant costumes I sewed for Penelope and Oliver. At the time, they were both obsessed with the movie “Dumbo”, so making them Elephant costumes seemed fitting. I made a pattern using one of their bigger fitting pjs. I improvised, sewed and resewed. Cut an old baby onesie to make a quilt pattern for the ears, but mostly, I made them with love, so much love.

They were Elephants for Halloween, and they were the cutest little Elephants ever.

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Halloween 2018

I had every intention of putting together a Woody and a Barbie costume this year, as per their request, but last week cleaning up, I pulled out their Elephant Costumes, and Oliver specifically, has been wearing non stop since.

I asked them if they wanted be Elephants again this year – they said a very happy YES!

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As a lover of nostalgia, having them choose to wear their elephant costumes again this year, makes my mama heart so happy.

Next year, they definitely won’t fit these handmade costumes anymore. I’ll look back at pictures in years to come, at those two Halloweens in which they were elephants. I will remember how they loved those costumes with as much love as their mother had making if for them, and well, it touches my heart in ways I can’t express.

We put the costumes on today and did a dress rehearsal; added some make up and a few little new details, can’t wait to see them go trick or treating with this tomorrow.

Somehow, and always, Oliver and Penelope always find the most beautiful ways to show their affection, and the simple and beautiful ways to say I love you.

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Halloween 2019




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The Charm of a Hot Air Balloon

Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (14).jpg

Through my closed bedroom curtains, I could tell even before getting out of bed that today was going to be a beautiful day. The light that was diffusing into the room was warm, and when I finally opened the curtains, I was greeted with a beautiful view of our backyard.

Penelope and Oliver were already up, quietly talking to each other in their room. They are respectful to our sleep in the morning, which I think is such a kind gesture. Somehow, they know a week day from the weekend, and have a natural politeness for slow mornings on the weekend. Perhaps part of that is them, but perhaps also something we have instilled in them from the time they were born.

As we were all having breakfast, Oliver shouted “Hot Air Balloon!!” and when we looked outside our window, there it was; a hot air balloon flying over our backyard.

For a hot air balloon to fly, the weather has to be almost perfect. Light wind, clear skies, warm enough. You would think that those three factors are easy to come by in combination, but I’m sure that anyone who flies hot air balloons would disagree. It was a good luck charm to our day.

Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (2)Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (3)Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (5)

Later in the morning, we visited our favorite river valley spot, and for hours, the kids threw rocks and sticks into the river, filling the air with the sounds of their laughter.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t nap when we got home. I always feel more tired after a midday nap, but alas, I sat down on the couch when they kids were napping and fell asleep. Go figure. Today though, I woke up from the nap full of energy for the rest of the day.

Oliver and I went spent the afternoon in the backyard, and I love that it’s becoming something we have naturally started to do together. Watching him, I can see he has a natural affinity for plants. For a 2.5 year old, he is a wonderful gardener. He is serious about his work, and takes pride in watering the plants, making sure to visit each one at least twice.

Our yard is already blooming so wonderfully this season, and I know it’s because of him.

Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (7)Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (11)Edmonton Mommy Blogger Storyteller (12)

And so today was a perfect day, so perfect that a hot air balloon flew over our backyard.

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A Portrait of My Father

My father is an easy man to draw. His features strong and recognizable to those who know him.

Like him, my nose is bigger and strong. When we smile, our eyes squint and wrinkle the same way, and our mouths are small on our face. If I stand next to him, it’s easy to see that I am his daughter.

He wears a mustache that he has had all of my life, and something that I so closely associate with him. A few years ago he shaved it off, and my mother, sister and I almost cried, ha!

Penelope started calling him Papi (Dad in Spanish) because that’s how she heard me call him. The name stuck.

Two generations later, he is Papi once again, this time to his grand children. His mustache still there, his wrinkles a bit deeper, and his smile just as wide.

On the 29th of September 2006, I drew a portrait of him. Aside from his gray hair, he hasn’t changed much, almost like I had drawn an older version of him years ago.

On the 31st of October, 2018, I asked him if I could take a picture of him holding that portrait, and once again, I draw a portrait of my father.