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The End of Breastfeeding [Weaning after Two Years of Nursing – a bittersweet milestone]

The end of breastfeeding is very much like the beginning of breastfeeding- a beautiful irony. My breasts are leaky, I have a bit of engorgement, and as the days pass, I wait for my supply (or end of supply) to regulate itself. A little bit of Mother Nature’s poetry.

It’s been three weeks since my Oliver nursed for the last time, and though there is nostalgia, it has been wonderful. His last time nursing was much more emotional for me than it was for him, as he happily nursed, blissfully unaware that he wouldn’t breastfeed again.

With nothing else other than our love for each other bringing us together now, it’s been wonderful to feel how bonded Oliver and I really are. He still asks to nurse every now and then, and when I say the milk is finished, he puts his hands on his face for a bit, but then easily distracts and we usually end up having a cuddle, or playing a game or singing a song.

Judging by his reaction, I think we were both ready to stop but neither of us wanted to make the first step.

Our two years breastfeeding have been so absolutely wonderful, and I loved every day, hour, minute of it.

From the newborn days where nursing sessions seemed endless and I had to often remind myself that I knew it would get better, to days later on in our breastfeeding journey when I looked forward to him nursing as it was a quiet moment in the day, to the many times when nursing is all he needed to be OK.

I’m proud of us, I am proud of me.

As I end this chapter in my motherhood journey, I feel like I need to share wise words of wisdom, and so I say this.

Breastfeed for as long, or as little, as it feels right for you and your baby.

Do it with love, patience, and confidence knowing it’s what you want to do.

Surround yourself with people who are supportive, and steer clear of those who aren’t.

And more importantly, enjoy the time you and your baby share while nursing.

Some days it will seem like you’re ready to end the journey, other days you will cry thinking about the end,  but when you’re ready, you’ll know.

It’s been wonderful.


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