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The Fourth Trimester (Oliver)

You were born in the early hours of a November night. Your sister was sleeping downstairs, in the guest bedroom, just in case this was the night. And it was. On November 26th at 3:25 am, upstairs in our master bedroom, they put you on my chest. Your tiny hand grabbed my finger as I sang to you. You woke up. You were born. Today, 3 months from the moment we met earth side, we celebrate our fourth trimester together.

Photograph by Vannessa Brown

Nov 26 : 9lbs 8 oz    •  21 ”
Today :   15lbs  6 oz   • 24.8 ”


The day you were born was so special. I became mother for the second time, this time to a son. Your father and I also witnessed the loves of our lives meeting; you and your sister. I relive that moment in my mind often, to remember everything in detail, so I can tell you and her when you’re older. In one word though, it was beautiful.

How I love you, my Oliver. You are sweet and gentle. You were born a bigger baby with a beautiful full head of hair – just gorgeous. From the start, you seemed older than you were. A little guy with a soul wise for your age. You actively observe everything around you, and take it all in. You learn your sister’s voice and look for it when you can’t hear it. You learn your father’s touch as you laugh to his tickles, your mother’s eyes while you nurse. I hold on to all your littleness for a long as I can, even though you are the chunkiest little guy. You smile easily, and reciprocate double the love that is given to you. You are so easy to love. In your tenderness, you are strong, and I am so proud of the little person you are becoming.

Our fourth trimester has been wonderful and sad, all at the same time. Wonderful because of you, and sad because of how quickly it passed. I thank you and your sister for giving me the most wonderful experience of my life. If I am able to provide you and her equal the happiness you provide me, I am doing my job as your mother.

We say goodbye to our fourth trimester together, my sweet little boy. I know the best is yet to come. I adore you.


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