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While He Naps



The first two days of Oliver’s life, I didn’t see Penelope much. Her grandparents were wonderful, and offered to take her out and entertain her, and I welcomed it. It gave my husband, Oliver and I time to rest, bond, figure out nursing again, and recover from labor. After her second day out, she returned home happy as a clam from a fun day out. She didn’t understand why I was crying when I was hugged her… and neither did her grandparents really (haha). I was happy to see her; they were happy tears. For 18 months, she was the person I saw the most every day. My beautiful companion. My everything and every day. Only two days of briefly seeing her in the morning and night, and I missed her so much.

Now that her brother is almost 3 months old and having consistent naps, the mornings have become our time. For one or two hours, it’s just her and I again. No matter what it is that we do in that time; crafts, play, water the plants, have snacks, cuddle… it’s special.

Penelope is 21 months old and I love this age. She is confident, stubborn, and full of life. She is v-e-r-y challenging, but I absolutely adore her. She is independent, and the few times she does need me, it’s in the form of a hug. The kind that makes her eyes close when we embrace, and her little hands pat me on the back. I adore those moments. We continue to grow and learn together. I pay attention to her little smiles and laughs, and how they change daily. How her little voice utters words more clearly every day, and her frustration when she lacks the word for something. How she stands on her tippy toes and is able to reach the top of the kitchen counter top more easily. The roundness of her cheeks. The curls of her hair.

I love that Oliver is in our lives, and so does Penelope. That feeling exists though; that feeling you can’t quite describe or put your finger on, but that you most certainly feel in those moments that remind you of how life was when it was just you and her…

I couldn’t imagine my life without my two beautiful loves, but the mornings become a beautiful nostalgia that I hold onto, and treasure with all my heart.





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