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Wish this day could last forever

It’s a lyric from a song we heard – and have been listening to on repeat- while watching a “Snowy Day” on Amazon; one the sweetest and most wonderful short films we have watched in a while. Featuring the joy and love of the everyday, and getting the kids so excited for the season to come. The song I’m referring to is 3 minutes of absolute beauty (you can hear it here) and adding to the fact that it’s sung in a cappella by one of the best a cappella groups of all time.

Speaking of days I wish could last forever, we took a three day road trip to the Okanagan area last week. It was Penelope’s first week of school, but we excused her for a few days, and went. I love our family road trips. We’ve been taking them since they were born, and you can tell. They settle into the experience easily, with a familiar sense of adventure to come and innocent expectation. Penelope sat behind me, Oliver behind Adam, and for hours and hours conversations overlapped one another; sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. Stories of how their parents met, how we fell in love, how they were born, how they met, filled the air. It’s stories they have heard many times but still beg to hear again, filling in details that we forget when telling it, like how Oliver was weighed with a sling when he was born. I love that they know and remember details like that.

We had a sunrise walk as the light peaked through the valley mountains. My hands were warm in the morning cold; one from my coffee mug, and the other from the warmth of Oliver’s hand. Penelope picked wild flowers from the side of the road, and the fruit (or flower) of our labor blooming even when not in our garden.

“That’s your favorite flower. You love flowers a lot.”

They know their mother’s heart.

They watched cartoons while having breakfast, and there is a wonderful sentimentality about the things that happen outside routine during holidays. They just hold a special place in the heart and the things that you remember just as much as the trip itself.

Something they have recently started to point out every time Adam and I embrace, or kiss, or hold hands in front of them, is “You’re in love”. It’s the cutesy thing that kids say to their parents, but I love that they see us love each other so deeply, and it’s because of that love that is so fulfilled, that we can and do love them beyond what our hearts are capable of.

Oliver has been the leader of our gratitude round for the last couple of weeks, always being the one who initiates it, which I’m so proud of. Today he said he was grateful for me (Mama) because I’m beautiful because he loves me.

He’s right; I am beautiful BECAUSE he loves me.


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