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Words of January [The Last Month in my 20s]

There is something truly satisfying about putting words down on paper (blank screen in this case).

Reading, looking back and remembering the days I spend with the people in my life who who I love the most is wonderful.

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I turn 30 in a few days, and this month, the last month in my twenties. Though I’m feeling a little nostalgic of how quickly time is passing, there is proud feeling with turning 30. It really is a milestone of life.

I am in love with a good man who loves me in so many ways. In our years together, we have grown a lot, on our own and with each other, and though there have been some learning curves that are steeper than others, I am happy for a life partner like him. He calls me “Love” and still sends me “I miss you” text messages during the days. He packs my lunch for work, boils water in the morning for my coffee, and has learnt to fold my socks and underwear in the Marie Kondo way because he knows I prefer it that way. He does so many other wonderful things, and he truly is a wonderful man.

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I am a mother to two beautiful souls, and I am privileged to watch them grow, to guide them, and to learn from them every day.

Penelope is growing wonderfully. At 3 months away from turning 4 years old, she is quickly maturing into a little lady. She had her first haircut this month. Just above her shoulder, it’s like a toddler bob. She looks like Amelie from the movie Amelie, but a million times more beautiful. Her vocabulary in both English and Spanish grows, and the way she talks makes my heart smile. She often commands her requests, and after she notices her tone, she repeats it in a much kinder voice. I love watching her have that self awareness.


Oliver, the boy who steals my heart with every smile. My sweet and gentle boy. His heart is big but timid, a combination that I so love about him. Even with those he loves most, he makes you work for his affection. But, he doesn’t hide his emotions, and they are so pure and raw in their expression. When he laughs, he laughs from the deepest part of his stomach. When he kisses you, he never just kisses you once. When he feels joy, he squeals it with all his might.  When he cries, when he really cries, not the cry he lets out for something like a toy being taken away, or because he tripped over while playing, a real cry, you can hear the maturity in his remorse for hurting someone’s feelings. And when he looks into my eyes and says “Te quiero mucho” while nodding his beautiful head to every syllable as he says it, I feel happiness and warmth in the deepest part of my soul.

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At the moment, my kitchen is my favorite room in the house. This season, the light shines into the room beautifully, and you feel the warmth of the sun bounce off the walls. On Sundays, I water my plants, and I take my time. It’s a ritual. I pull out the dryer leaves, make sure they have enough soil, rearrange them, sometimes sing to them. It’s wonderfully and simply therapeutic. I am happy to have found joy and a hobby in that.

Life is good, it’s simply and wonderfully good.

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